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Revised maps.
More space.

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A full page has been devoted to each week's memory work, with space to make notes about particular accomplishments (or struggles!) that your family experienced. Parents and tutors also have room to write tip and reminders to use the next time through the cycle.

What the five common topics and five canons of rhetoric have done for Challenge, Classical Conversations now offers for Foundations, a form you've been using without knowing it, which will give structure to your grammar-level studies in any subject.

Maps that delineate the boundaries of land and water, include lines of latitude or longitude for reference, and highlight the areas being studied. This feature will help the littlest learners visually discriminate the maps and the older learners transition to Challenge by drawing and tracing more easily.


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Plenty of white space for jotting down ideas and memories

Integration of our newest tool for grammar study, the Five Core HabitsTM

"Take Two" tips to tailor based on your child's age and experience

Clearer instructions in Fine Arts. Parents and tutors won't have to go beyond the curriculum and the resources in order to prepare and present

Memory work revisions and corrections to improve clarity, while keeping the number of changes to a manageable level for returning students

Orchestra: A return to simplicity and restfulness for all involved.

Actual instrument photos will help your child picture what they are hearing

Clearer and more accurate memory work

The long-awaited Year-at-a-Glance for each cycle!

Summary pages have been redesigned for easier use in Memory Master proofing

Portrait orientation so the coil is on the long side, helping your book last through the years

Science projects take into consideration communities farther north for projects done outside

The President Trump card.

The updated Presidents Timeline card for President Donald Trump will be included automatically with the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition if ordered by April 30, 2018.

This card will also be available for individual purchase for $1. Additionally, this new card will be added to the Classical Acts & Facts® History Cards: Modern World timeline set on its next printing (and its inclusion will then be indicated on the cover of the set.)

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